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Confessions of a former bar soap hater

I used to hate bar soaps, I really did. They were boring, they were the same five types of soap we've all seen since we were kids. They were dull and smelled like a grandpa to me. Then there were liquid body washes... They came in different scents, bright colors, they were exciting! Eventually my creative nature led me to want to make bar soaps that were fun like body washes and Soapish was born!

What started out as a craft turned into a healing process. As soon as I started using my soaps I realized how dry my skin had been. How much lotion I used to have to slather on to combat the stripping of oils detergent was doing to my skin. I stopped itching and breaking out. I gave so much soap to friends and family and they noticed a difference too! I will never again wash my skin with anything other than handmade soap.

I make my soaps with pure vegetable oils and butters, like Olive, coconut, responsibly sourced palm, avocado, almond, Shea, and Cocoa butter, I use high quality phthalate free fragrance oils, essential oils, and body safe oxides and clays as colorants. No detergents, and no preservatives.

I make all of my soaps out of my kitchen in small batches of 20 bars at a time and will always have fun new scents and colors to add each month. Soapish soaps are never boring!

Check out all of my soap on the shop page. And keep an eye out - I add new stuff all the time!